Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes for all.  Our children are taught Bible stories with spiritual applications.  We have children’s songs that teach Christian morals and virtue.  We teach the children to love God with all their hearts and live for Him.  We teach with love, and a fear of the Lord.
Our teachers strive to emulate the Savior, and impart the blessings of walking with Him.  It is our prayerful desire that each child grows in grace, and in the knowledge of the Lord.

Music Ministry

The Lord called Pastor and Mrs. Martinez into the music ministry. After extensive training, and years of training others; He thrust us into the ministry as Pastor and wife. We believe that worship must be of a whole heart. We strive to honor the Lord in our music. We hold to a higher standard. Not offering our own sacrifice as Cain, but offering to the Lord that which does not smell of the flesh, a carnal offering. We want to give the Lord our best, not that which is easily obtained. We do not want to offer to a Holy God an offering which is tainted by the sounds of the world. We believe that the whole life given to God will make a change in the music to which we listen, and to which we use to glorify Him.

The following videos are excerpted from the last Christmas Concert.