Sermon Outlines

Independent Baptist Church

Wednesday Evening

Sermon Outline

Hebrews 11:32


Hebrews 11 was written to nourish our faith, which at times is weak, fragile, and in need of strengthening. God was pleased to subject all things under the power of faith. Things believed in faith can not be understood with a physical perception; but only by the Spirit of God. Hebrews 12:2

The only way to perceive God is by “faith”. There is no other way we can come to God, it is also the only way to please Him, in obedience to the purpose he has in life for us. Rom. 12:3

a) In faith, we can have a greater knowledge than any one can have in this world. Wisdom comes from the mouth of God. To have knowledge of God is not sufficient to perceive him. We need to read the Bible (Scriptures), and set my affections in him. 2 Cor. 10:15

b) In faith, we willachievegreater things in life, Hebrews 11 will show and prove to us how to live a Christian life in God on this earth. When calamities strike, we will have to hold on to faith.

c) In faith we will be able to experiencethe power of God when our strength faints. We request God for necessities we can not afford, for our disabilities. Faith will give my soul strength from heaven.

  1. The first aspect we can understand in faith, is in the existence of God.In Hebrews 11:3, He created things from an invisible world, to a visible world; to us. Unbelievers need a greater faith in the things they stand for, as evolution, as dividing every thing as if it existed and is alive by its own. Man contradicts himself in denying God, and every thing is acceptable to justify the denial of a Creator.

  2. The second aspect we can understand in faith is creation. By faith we will be able to accomplish more excellent things

In this faith, we are “able to bring joy to God”. One of the fruits of our faith is Joy. And again joy is not an emotion, it is a state where we can remain, versus a simple, fleeting emotion. I have to control my thoughts, my emotions. If I loose control of my emotions, they can, and will control my life. I have to remember that even when I live in faith; I am still responsible for my emotional condition.

Therefore, “Faith is the best ingredient I can ever possess” to live in the kingdom of heaven on this earth. I have to find the purpose of God for my life, and then I have to make sure I live it, and finish it. I am not to fulfill the will of man, or fear the intimidation of men. In exercising faith, it will produce growth to a mature state.

We should be pleased to think on how great the number of believers were under the Old Testament, and how their faith grew in the middle of trials. Faithallow us to receive things we can not receive otherwise. We can not receive the favor of God by merits, or by knowledge, or my own abilites. I would fail if I tried to live a life with God on my own,for then I would become religious.

Faith1) allows us to go through difficulties 2) Overcomes any obstacle 3) And the believers faith endures to the end. 4) gives a Christian strength and courage.